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About Us

Backed with a 40-years-rich heritage of manufacturing gold jewelry, The Gold Souq strive to be at the forefront of the jewelry ecommerce industry. The Gold Souq is an online platform where we partner with different brand partners to sell premium jewelry. We have ready a showroom where the consumer can walk in to shop for their favorite jewelry pieces. Lined with a remarkable selection of delicate necklaces, earrings, charms, and rings. The Gold Souq moves forward with the mission of delivering a more personalised service in this age of digitalisation and online shopping.

A Passion for Gold

Gold has been a significant part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries - holding a deep economic, cultural, social, and aesthetic relevance in nations across the region until this day.

We have a strong track record of supplying fine gold jewellery to the Middle East for over five decades. Inspired by the robust Middle Eastern marketplaces, better known as souqs, we bring you The Gold Souq - bridging the gap between top-tier goldsmith artisans and you.

Dedicated To Perfection

Every handmade piece in our work embodies our pride and dedication in crafting jewellery that weaves tradition and innovation into an original work of art.

Our Inspiration

The Gold Souq pays homage to the intricacies of gold filigree craftsmanship. Our jewellery line combines aesthetic elements from modern and traditional styles infused with nature-inspired design and has been featured in our gold showroom in Malaysia. The winning factor that distinguishes Gold Souq from other craftsmen is our ability to escalate our customers’ expressions and desires to our artisans to ensure a distinct, unique, and beautiful outcome.

Expert Hands,
Premium Crafts.

Only the most highly-skilled goldsmith jewellers can create the most intricately crafted golden artisanal jewellery. Timeless and evergreen, our designers set the trend and keep up with the latest customer preferences.

Our jewellers need only basic tools of the trade to come up with the intricate gold jewelry designs of our collections. At our workshops, we believe that expertise comes with time, practice, and discipline.

Felicity For The Finest

Delight in our wide array of brilliant jewellery. Every piece of jewellery sold on The Gold Souq is meticulously handcrafted and finished with 21k gold.

To keep our promise of quality assurance, The Gold Souq follows a set of stringent measures and procedures to ensure superior quality in our jewelleries without compromising excellence in design.

Our Luxurious Showroom By The Sea

We place equal importance on the experience of finding your perfect set of jewellery. Visit our showroom at The Gold Souq by the Batu Ferringhi Beach to discover our finest crafts in person.

Step into our showroom and dwell in the fine experience